Thursday, January 13, 2011

When do I need to take my child to the doctor?

I have started a new job in a pediatrician's office in addition to my emergency department adventures. I've been in the primary care world but not for the past five years. I'm quickly realizing a lot of things have changed in primary care.

Insurance plans have changed a lot and most people have to pay more to see the doctor. We have a high deductible plan this year which means that our insurance doesn't pay ANYTHING until we reach $2600. So needless to say it's making me think twice about running off to the doctor unless I'm sure we need to.

When to take your child to the doctor depends on your comfort level, your child and your doctor. If you are worried about your child then you need to take them to be seen. You should always be able to call and talk to someone in the office who will give you guidance.

If your child has a cough and runny nose for a day, they probably have a cold and don't need to be seen. If your child has been coughing for 10 days and now has a fever and isn't getting better then they probably need to be seen. As your child gets older and you get more experience taking care of a sick kid you will get an idea of when they should be seen.

If you have more than one child who have the same symptoms it is more likely they have a virus. Kids share colds all the time. They don't usually share pneumonia. You really don't need to bring them all in to be told they all have a cold.

There is no right or wrong answer when to bring your child to the doctor. If you are unsure, call your doctor and ask for guidance. It is never wrong to be reassured that your child is ok.

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