Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early intevention continued- the IFSP

Acronyms are very big in the early intervention world.

The next thing you will learn about is the IFSP- the individualized family service plan.

If you are told that your child qualifies for services the next person you will meet is your service coordinator. This person serves as your 'go to' person for all things related to EI. They are there to help you with questions, navigating the system, if you have problems with a therapist, if you think you need more or less services.

The service coordinator will set up a meeting at your house with the therapist(s) and service coordinator. This is where you will work together to write out an individualized family service plan. This is basically a plan of what your child's services will look like for the next 6 months. You will work with them to come up with realistic goals that your child will achieve (2 word sentences for example) and they will write how they will help your child achieve them. Any other services or consultations will be written on the IFSP. You sign it and your therapists sign it and then services will begin.

Here is a site that talks about IFSPs and what should be included on them:

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