Monday, June 28, 2010

Early intervention continued- ongoing therapy

Once the IFSP is in place your services will start.

You may have one or more therapists coming to your house every week depending on your child's needs. It can be tricky to arrange your life around therapy but remember they are there to help your child, they come to your home and it is free.

It's important to develop a rapport with your therapists. They are someone you will be seeing very frequently and if you can't stand them then that can be a problem. Ask them questions, use them as resources. Always feel free to talk to them about what they are doing and any new concerns you have but remember they are on a schedule and may have another child to see after yours.

Every 6 months your child will have some sort of testing done to see if they still are in need of services. If they no longer qualify, they will probably be discharged from EI. If they still qualify then there will be another meeting with your therapists and service coordinator to develop a new IFSP.

This process can continue until your child turns 3. (I think technically it is the August after they turn 3 but it depends on their birthday or something like that.. ) After that they will transition to the school district system and you will become aquainted with the commitee for preschool special education in your district.
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