Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What equipment do I need when I start feeding my baby solid food?

There are 5,230 products available for infant feeding. What do you really need? Here's my opinion.

First, realize this is a really messy affair. You will need a lot of patience. If you are a person who really likes neatness, you may have difficulty with infant feeding.

The first thing you will need is a chair for your baby to sit in. I highly recommend strap on booster seats. They are a lot cheaper than a high chair and can be used for much longer than a conventional highchair. This is of course a matter of preference and you need to determine what fits in your kitchen.

We used the Safety first feeding seat for my twins.

This seat looks like it was redesigned since we used it 5 years ago. We found it very difficult to clean because little pieces of food would get stuck into the holes where the straps came out. I hated that seat.

We used the First Years seat for my younger daughter because I couldn't stand the Safety First seat anymore.

This seat is designed a little bit differently and was much easier to clean.

The advantage to these seats is they will grow with your baby. You start out reclining with the tray, then upright with the tray, then take the tray away and push the chair up to the table then take the back off and use it as a booster until your child doesn't need a feeding seat anymore. You will definitely get your money's worth out of them.

Other things you need are small feeding bowls, small spoons and bibs, bibs and more bibs. Did I mention bibs?

Something handy to have is a splat mat to put on the floor under the chair. I never got one of these, although I meant to. I just crawled around on the floor and wiped up the mess after each feeding. A dustbuster comes in handy for sucking up little cheerios later.

Next- what do I start with?

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  1. And for the really messy babies: bibs with sleeves!

  2. great idea, thanks for sharing!!