Monday, May 3, 2010

How do I start feeding my baby solid foods?- how do I know if my baby is ready

This is a topic that scared me when I was a new mom. I couldn't fathom how to do this, let alone feed two babies at the same time. I'm going to share my tips about starting to feed your baby solid foods over the next few posts then I will share how I managed to start solids with twins.

The first thing to do is determine if your baby is ready for solid foods. Most babies are ready between 4-6 months. You should look for signs that your baby is ready.

These include:
  • head control- your baby should be able to hold her head up by herself
  • ability to sit supported with minimal difficulty. You dont to try to feed your baby with a spoon while they are wiggling all around their highchair!
  • the loss of the extrusion reflex. This is the reflex that makes baby spit out anything that is one her tongue. If you have tried to give your young baby a taste of food and they spit it right out you have seen the extrusion reflex. Somewhere around 4 months old baby learns to move something placed on her tongue to the back of her throat and swallow. If you give your baby food before this reflex disappears and they actually swallowed it you got lucky.
  • good weight gain. Most babies are ready for solids around 15 lbs but this is a rough estimate.
  • they seem to be getting hungrier. Babies only need about 32 oz of formula per day. If your baby is still hungry then it's probably time to start some solid foods.
Next- what equipment do I need to start solids?
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