Saturday, April 3, 2010

When should I start brushing my baby's teeth?

I was recently asked when you should start brushing your baby's teeth. This is a good question.

It is recommended to wipe your baby's gums once or twice a day before they have teeth. Personally I'm not sure this is necessary but THEY SAY you should.

Once your baby gets teeth it's a good idea to brush it. You can get finger brushes like these

I found my own kids loved to bite it and of course my finger at the same time. It turned into a great game.

Once they are a little older and have more than one tooth you can start using an actual toothbrush. There are many available. You should use the baby toothpaste because at this point your baby will be sucking the toothpaste off the brush.

I like the Gerber tooth and gum cleanser and there is also an Oragel tooth and gum cleanser.

You can start by brushing your baby's teeth once per day but eventually you should brush twice a day.

Once your baby gets some idea about not swallowing the toothpaste you can switch to toddler toothpaste. You should only use a pea sized amount and supervise your child very closely. A child can learn to spit out the toothpaste by about age 3.


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