Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stitches vs staples vs glue

This is sometimes a matter of personal preference or provider's comfort level.

Here's my thoughts about when to choose one or the other.

I will staple scalp lacerations because it is quickest, easiest and the scar doesn't matter much. It is also very difficult to remove stitches from a scalp where there is hair.

I will glue areas on the face that are flat (forehead, sometimes chin) and do not have much tension. Anything too close to the eye or in the eyebrow can't be glued because of the risk of eyelids and eyebrows instead. Lacerations that are not under much tension on other parts of the body can usually be glued. Anywhere that gets used a lot (like hands or feet) is not a good place to glue because it can come apart.

Anything else gets sutures.

Again this is my personal opinion and it of course depends on the individual cut and the person.

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