Sunday, February 5, 2012

Get rid of fat loss obstacles with these tips

Another guest post from Kate Wilson:

If you have been trying incessantly to shed those extra pounds but somehow have not managed despite the strenuous workouts and dieting, here are some tips to help you knock off that extra flab in no time:

1. Hit the gym, join a sport, do some brisk walking, do swimming, take to yoga. Try to do some form of exercise for at least twenty minutes five days a week. A good workout will tone your body and boost your metabolism. With a balanced diet and a good work out, you'll lose the pounds in no time.

2. Remain active throughout the day. Physical exercise is important but you can also add more activity like taking the staircase instead of the elevator or walking your dog in the evening.

3. Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water through the day which will help you to lose weight. By following a daily ritual of drinking water, you are sure to boost your metabolism which will help you to drain off toxins leading to glowing and flawless skin. Having a glass of water before a meal can suppress your hunger pangs so you end up eating less.

4. Ban colas from your shopping list. Drink water.

5. Get the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation also causes an increase in body weight as your metabolic system goes for a toss when you sleep less.

6. Do not indulge in eating a lot of processed food. Opt for home cooked fresh food instead.

7. Avoid having carbs after 8 p.m. You can have a nice broth or soup with some vegetables that can be equally filling.

8. Never go on an empty stomach in the morning. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important so doesn’t ignore it!

9. If heavy workout session does not appeal to you, then join a dance class. Dancing is a very good and fun way of losing weight and is a great form of exercise.

10. Try doing a few sets of breathing exercises to lose weight, because if they are done correctly, then you can end up losing a few pounds.

11. If you are a heavy smoker, then try to kick the butt because it is tough to lose weight when you are smoking.

12. Do not overwork yourself. A tired body that has been slogging it out in the gym for two hours every day will not let go of the fats that you so want to burn.

13. Chew your food slowly for at least sixteen times before finally swallowing it down your throat. As you chew, your saliva works on the food and makes digestion much easier. Slow eating also sends a signal to your brain that your stomach is full and this prevents you from over-eating.

About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and reading. Recently she got a Leather Sofa Bed on New Year. The days she is busy writing an article on wedding makeup for her blog.


  1. I really like #8 and find it to be especially effective. I try to eat a substantial amount of protein at this meal with reduced carbohydrate consumption since this can help curb the appetite and stimulate leptin sensitivity by improving adipose-hypothalmic communication.

    #5 and #7 also go hand in hand with this since they can address daily cortisol fluctuations and circadian cycles . . . all important when trying to get an elevated BMI under control.

  2. Get rid of fat loss obstacles with these tips
    Great, As the contents of this source unveils about how to get rid of fat loss obstacles. As I totally agree with you that if we really not able for heavy workout, we must join dance classes because of Dances is really the great form of exercising. It really helps to lose weight easily. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These 13 tips are not very hard to be followed and with hard work and determination the extra pounds will become just a dream.
    However, next month I will start a Ideal Protein diet program, because in my opinion, the help of a specialized person is really helpful.