Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home Gym Equipment: Easy tips to choose the best

Here is another guest post from Kate Wilson. Enjoy!

Why go to a gym when you can exercise right in your home? Yes, we know home is the best place for you and indeed practicing at home has its share of advantages. If you do decide to exercise at home, you need to decide what equipment suits your need. Your home gym should be a place where you can exercise and lift weights and should be compact. It is always preferable that you look for portable equipments. Portable gym equipment like dumbbells, bench, balls, steps, and bands are pretty easy to buy and involve nothing complex. They are a great way to exercise too.

You could also try out the total gym concept. The total gym concept uses an inclined bench with an adjustable height and a sliding seat platform that uses your body weight to increase resistance. It is great for body building. You can also have free weight stations. Free weights are equipment such as power racks which are used for holding barbells or adjustable benches and round weights.

You could also consider multi gyms based on stacked weights. This kind of multi gym configuration has a cable and pulley mechanism with stacked weights. You just have to select the weight to use the equipment.

Before selecting gym equipment, you need to decide what exactly your priorities are. Do you want to stay fit or do you want to build your body? If you want to stay fit you could buy a treadmill. If you want to build your body you could use dumbbells.  If you know what you want from your gym, you will have less of a chance of boredom. There is also the problem of space. You need to calculate the space you have. Do not make the gym too much over crowded. Also the number of users who will use the gym is an important consideration in deciding the gym’s size.

The most important part of purchasing gym equipment may be to consider your budget. A few dumbbells, adjustable bench, a fitness ball, bands and an exercise mat should cost less than $400. Shop around for the best prices and look for equipment that is easy to install. These easy tips can go a long way to make your home gym experience a pleasurable one.

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