Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to I prevent heat exhaustion?

The CDC has a great info page about preventing heat exhaustion. You can find it here.

The most important thing is common sense. If you are hot, drink fluids. Get out of the heat.

Pay attention to your children and how much they are drinking. Kids get heat exhaustion and heat stroke much faster than adults do and often wont drink as much as they should.

How much should kids drink?

First of all- do not give babies water. See my post about water intoxication about this:

Babies need more breastmilk or formula or pedialyte but giving a baby plain water can lead to water intoxication which can cause seizures and could potentially fatal. There are no good guidelines I know of defining how much water is too much water so I tell people to avoid giving any water to a baby under 6 months and limit the amount of an older baby. It is much better to give them pedialyte or formula.

I can't find a guideline about how much water older kids should drink but I think this is where common sense comes into play. Offer kids fluids frequently. Make sure they are urinating regularly. Make them take breaks from the sun.

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