Friday, June 25, 2010

What do I do if I'm concerned about my child's development?

Consider this:

You have a 10 month old baby who was born 5 weeks early. She has been gaining weight and growing and your pediatrician keeps telling you she's just a little behind, don't worry, she'll catch up. But you are concerned because she isn't sitting up on her own yet and all the moms in your playgroup think something is wrong with your baby.

What do you do??

You can call early intervention and see if your baby needs some extra help. You do not need your pediatrician to do this.

What is early intervention?

Early intervention is a program for children from birth to age 3. Anyone with a concern can call them and ask that the child be evaluated. If the child is found to have a developmental delay then they will recommend the appropriate therapy and arrange for the services to begin.

And it's free. What do you have to loose?

My own experience with early intervention is in Monroe County, NY but the program exists all around the country. Here is a link to the NY state department of health page about early intervention:

I am not sure what types of programs exist in other countries- if anyone has experience with this I'd love to hear it!

If you are concerned about your child, all you need to do is call the number for your county. Tell the person you would like your child evaluated because of whatever concern you have. You will be asked a lot of questions and then someone will come to your home to talk to you.

Tomorrow I will talk about the early intervention intake process.. feel free to share any info you might have about EI in your area.

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