Friday, May 21, 2010

Muscle strains in kids

Picture this- your 10 year old is playing basketball and shoots lots of baskets. Then he starts rollerblading. A little while later he comes to tell you his upper back hurts. It just started hurting after he was playing basketball but he kept playing and rollerbladed for an hour now it hurts a lot worse. He's otherwise feeling fine and can move his arms and legs without any problems and doesn't have any other complaints.

Do you
1. Call the doctor and ask for an appointment
2. Call 911 and rush off to the emergency department
3. Tell him to rest, not panic and give him ibuprofen. If he isn't feeling better then call the doctor.

Ever heard the term "weekend warrior"? Kids can do this too. It just got warm out in our part of the country.. kids are outside playing and playing and playing and playing. They hurt themselves and they keep playing and playing and playing and playing and don't stop. Then they hurt worse.

If your kid has been playing for awhile and seems to be otherwise well but is complaining that something hurts, dont panic! As long as he can move what he is saying hurts and you dont see any swelling he's probably ok. Tell him to rest, give him some ibuprofen and see what happens. Of course you can always call and ask for advice but you DEFINITELY do not need to call 911 and rush off to the ED. Trust me.
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