Monday, May 24, 2010

The dangers of infant walkers

So your baby is 5 months old now and definitely ready for excitement. They need a new toy. You see these 2 toys in the store. Which do you choose?

The picture on the left is a baby walker. Baby gets into it and moves across the floor and plays and has a lovely time. The picture on the right is an exersaucer. Baby gets into it, plays, spins, tilts and has a lovely time.

Both toys will make your baby happy. But babies who use infant walkers are more likely to suffer serious injury. They can fall down stairs or tip over. They can suffer serious head injury. I googled 'baby walker safety' and got 650,000 hits.

If you choose to use a baby walker, PLEASE watch your baby closely. Do not leave the room, especially if there are stairs nearby. Better yet, don't use the baby walker.

The American academy of pediatrics published a statement about the dangers of infant walkers. In 1999, 8800 children were seen in the emergency room as a result of infant walker injury. You can read that statment here:

Bottom line- exersaucers are much safer. If you get a walker do not let your baby out of your sight.

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  1. My grandson loves his exersaucer. I agree that it's safer to use. I put your link in my NP blog roll and "supported your site today"!