Friday, April 16, 2010

Help me get them off the bottle!!

Here is a mom of twins with a difficult dilemma:

They WILL NOT sleep without a bottle. My boys are 14 months now and still take several bottles a day (wake up, nap times, and bed time). Is this excessive? I feel like my older guy was done with bottles by now. Is it time to pull the plug? I can't imagine sleeping with a bottle can be good for them. If I don't give them a bottle they shrill straight through their naptimes, and the noise makes their older brother and I CRAZY!

Someone suggested they may need to suck on a bottle during sleep b/c of reflux. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Here's my thoughts:

We did sippy cup boot camp.. Christopher was the most stubborn.. we were wishy washy about it and he would scream until he got the bottle. One day I just took the bottle away and he wouldn't drink until dinner but then he picked up the cup and drank it down..

As for sleeping with the bottle.. you need to give that up. That puts them at high risk for things like ear infections and tooth decay. What about a pacifier? I guess I would either go cold turkey or take away one bottle per day until they are gone. You have to hold your ground though.. kids that age are very stubborn and they WILL gang up on you!

Good luck!

Feel free to share your thoughts to help this mom out!

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