Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do I do if my child ingests something?

This has happened to every parent (including me). You turn your back for a second and your child has put a leaf or diaper rash cream or (even worse) a pill in their mouth. So of course you panic.

Then what do you do??? Call 911 immediately?? Maybe, maybe not. But first you need to know if what your chils has ingested is harmful and if it is harmful, how bad.

So the first place you should call is your local poison control. They are there 24 hours a day and the experts on ingestion. Most centers have nurses who answer the phone and will give you advice about what to do. They may tell you to go to the hospital, they may not. If they do not recommend going to the hospital they will tell you what symptoms to look for and when you need to worry.

But you might tell me... I don't want to listen to some nurse on the phone.. I want to go to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT because they know about this stuff!! Guess what we do when someone comes in with an ingestion... wait for it.. you guessed it..

we call poison control.


This number will put you in contact with your local poison control.
They are there to help.

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