Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to keep my kid safe playing outside

Continuing with the springtime theme..

It's getting warmer outside and kids are playing outside more often. And of course that means that kids are getting hurt more often.

Of course some accidents can't be avoided but with some common sense practices you can decrease the risk that your child gets hurt.

Make sure your child is supervised outside. A child may decide to run after a ball or get distracted by a friend and do something stupid. If you are not supervising your child you can't prevent this. Of course how much supervision depends on the age of your child and where your child plays but the general guideline to be safe holds true no matter how old your child is or where you are.

Kids need to wear bike helmets and knee pads are helpful. Be careful that they don't play on equipment that is not appropriate for their age.

Do not let your child swim alone. Small children can drown in a pool very quickly. If you have a pool and a small child, you need to have a pool alarm.

Kids need to have fun and be outside and run and jump and play. If you use common sense you can prevent injury and keep your kids safe.

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