Friday, March 26, 2010

Fed up with school lunch blog

We will get back to fever but I wanted to share this..

I just came across a link to an anonymous teacher's blog. She's been eating school lunch every day and blogging about it. She's doing this to bring awareness to the horrible school lunches that are being served to many school aged kids every day.

This is a topic that I worry about. My twins are in half day kindergarten so they don't eat lunch at school yet but they will next year. I have seen some of the lunches that are offered and I'm not terribly impressed. Granted I think our school district does make some effort and they're not as bad as they could be but they still have ice cream and other junk food available to them and it worries me.. I'm told the teachers help them  choose healthy things for lunch but it's still not cool..

I like to think I have educated (brainwashed?) my kids well enough that they are not going to choose the junk every day but after all, they are kids.. and peer pressure is a big problem in elementary school.

Here is the link to her blog. I definitely recommend it.

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  1. If they at least have healthy choices, that's half the battle. I worry that they won't have *any* healthy choices.