Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Asthma action plans

All asthma patients should have an asthma action plan.

This is a good link describing them.

The idea is to develop a written plan in conjunction with your health care provider that details exactly how to manage your asthma, what to do if you have symptoms, and when you need help.

They are usually divided in three zones, red, yellow and green.

If you are in the green zone then you do not need to do anything different because your asthma is under control.

The yellow zone would be if you have symptoms such as coughing, mild wheezing or chest tightness. The plan would detail what medications you might need and when to seek help.

The red zone would be if you have severe symptoms. This would be when you need to seek immediate help.

This site has several examples of how to write an asthma action plan.

Everyone involved in your child's care should have a copy of the plan. This includes daycare providers, the school nurse, the babysitter and your child's teacher. If you do not have an asthma action plan you should discuss getting one with your health care provider.

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